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Penis Size – How Insecure Are You

There’s hardly an organ on or within a man’s body that a man frets on like his penis!  The size of a man’s penis can leave him insecure, fretful and just down right miserable.  Very rarely can any other organ make a man feel this way.

But just how justified is it to feel this way about your penis size?

Well in my experience it doesn’t matter whether the way you feel is justified or not, it matters how you feel and what you can do about how you feel.

First of all let me say that it isn’t a huge surprise that guys feel as insecure about their size as they do when you look around you and see what kind of world we live in.  Everything is bigger, bigger and then bigger still.  Drive thru’ Mac D and you’ll get asked if you want to super size your meal?  Do you want more fries, a larger shake, a bigger burger?  How many say “no, just give me the regular size”?

Whether you can eat a bigger meal or not, when you check out how much more it’s going to cost you, most of us will say “yes, gimme the upgrade!”

It’s kinda the same with penis size.  Us guys think that if a girl sees two guys naked then she’s going to go for the guy with the bigger dick and chances are, we’d be right.

Women have from time begun weighed up guys in terms of fertility and rightly or wrongly there’s a perceived instinct that the bigger a guy the more fertile he will be.  This instinct is primal and where did the women get it?  From guys!  Where did the guys it?  From the women!  It’s a kind of chicken and egg situation.

It’s no wonder then that faced with being laughed at by women as you stand naked in front of them for the first time, when you get racked with thoughts that the next day your lover will be sniggering and laughing about your size and your performance the next day with a vicious girlfriends, insecurity here I come!

Getting past that insecurity to live and enjoy your life isn’t an easy thing to do.  No matter how much you’re told it doesn’t matter or everything is fine, unless you feel it doesn’t matter, unless you feel everything is fine – it won’t be!