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Penis Enlargement

Foods To Help With Penis Enlargement

If you’re serious about penis enlargement and you’re looking at it from a completely natural approach, then finding out which foods will help with your penis enlargement is simply a basic requirement.

I mean there’s no longer any doubt in the statement ‘you are what you eat!’  This fact is true for your body weight, size and shape and so there’s no reason that this dictum shouldn’t stretch to your penis too.  So yes, there are some basic and healthy addition you can make to your diet to help you with penis enlargement.

Green Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are a great source of fibre and roughage and upping your in take of these foods will help your body rid itself of the build up of toxins and waste that naturally build up on a day to day basis.

Foods Rich in The Omegas

The more of the Omegas you can put into your body, the less cholesterol you have in your body, the less cholesterol you have in your body, the less your arteries suffer and the blood is able to flow around your body with ease.  If your arteries become restricted, or worse blocked, then your penis and other organs will not work as effectively as they should.

So make sure that you’re eating fresh oily fish, unprocessed nuts and pulses and even avocados will help you.


High in potassium, bananas are a great super food to help you with penis enlargement.  That’s because of the potassium in bananas help with blood circulation and again aid the working of your penis.

Sea Food

There’s a reason that oysters are billed as a great aphrodisiac.  Once your libido kicks in the blood will rush to your penis and give you  an erection you’ll be proud of.

A Daily Penis Enlargement Supplement

Once you get your diet nailed, then next thing to think about is a daily penis enlargement supplement to further enhance your sex drive and the size of your penis.

The ingredients in a natural penis enlargement supplement like Vimax are combined to enhance your sex drive and your penis performance.

So start today with these changes to your diet and lifestyle and you’ll see a great improvement in your sex life, which is what we all want, isn’t it?